Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Battle of Gaixia: A Love Story

Few people in the west know about The Battle of Gaixia (also known as Kai-Hsia, 202 BCE) but it is one of the most famous battles in ancient Chinese history. The major antagonists were Liu-Bang of the Han and Xiang-Yu of the Chu but an integral part of the story is the love affair between Xiang-Yu and the Consort Yuji; a relationship which brought the antagonists to the Canyon of Gaixia.

My article on the battle, in Ancient History Encyclopedia, can be found here:

The article begins:

The Battle of Gaixia (202 BCE, also known as Kai-Hsia) was the decisive engagement of the Chu-Han Contention (206-202 BCE) at which Liu-Bang, King of Han, defeated King Xiang-Yu of Chu to found the Han Dynasty. After the Death of Shi Huangti, the first Emperor of a united China, his son Qin Er Shi took the throne and ruled so poorly that the country erupted in rebellion. Shi Huangti (formerly Ying Zheng of the state of Qin) had conquered the warring states of Chu, Han, Qi, Wei, Yan and Zhao to found the Qin Dynasty and ruled his Empire rigorously. Qin Er Shi, who was ill-equipped to follow his father, was assassinated after three years and his nephew, equally inept, ascended the throne. During the years between Shi Huangti’s death (210 BCE) and 206 BCE, the former subject states battled the toppling Qin regime, and sometimes each other, for supremacy. After the final defeat of the Qin army, two generals emerged victorious: Liu-Bang of the state of Han and Xiang-Yu of the state of Chu.

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