Saturday, September 8, 2012

Asking for Life: A Ghost Story

I've been running into spirits fairly regularly since I was 19 years old. There have been plenty of very strange, and often scary, experiences but one of the most bizarre happened in July 2005 when I was staying the night in this motel in Tampa, Florida. My ghost story, `Asking for Life', published yesterday in Hudson Valley Halloween Magazine, is based on that experience. In the story, Rebecca Pender, a teenage girl who can see and talk to spirits, finds herself a magnet for the dead who haunt the motel. This is what happened in my actual life. I had given my daughter a triquetra necklace a few months before on her birthday and she had worn it regularly since, was wearing it on this trip. That night, as my wife and daughter slept, the wall of the room in the far corner seemed to `shift' and, one after another, the spirits came into the room. It seemed they were drawn by the energy of the triquetra pendant at first, many of them pointed to it or mentioned it, and I finally put the necklace outside hoping they would go away. They didn't. It turned out I was the energy magnet. Many of them wanted me to relay a message or wanted to talk about something involving their death but it seemed the majority of them were upset at how early they'd had to leave the earth. It seemed that if there was one constant among them it was the desire for one more day on the planet.

We forget too easily that everything we have is a temporary situation which we shouldn't ever take for granted. My experiences with the so-called `dead' have really driven this lesson home. Even those seemingly content have a kind of nostlgia for life on the mortal plane. I have no idea where they come from, whether there's a heaven, or if there's a god. I don't know why they show up and, most of the time, have no idea what they want. It seems, though, that if it could be pinned down to a phrase, that they're asking for one more day of life - something many of us just assume will continue on and on for us which, of course, is exactly what those who have passed on to the other side believed also.

I hope you enjoy the story. The site may be found here:

The story begins:

Something was moving in the shadows in the corner of the motel room. Rebecca Pender sat up in her bed and peered over, past her dad sleeping in the other bed, trying to see what was there.

No form, no shape, just a deeper shadow moving in the darkness of the corner, growing lighter suddenly, a gray wisp, then pulling back down into blackness. The energy was throbbing more thickly now, she could feel it, though she could see nothing. The room was illuminated by the light of the street lamps coming through the long window to her left. Her triquetra necklace on the nightstand gleamed brightly.

Rebecca scrambled across the bed, jumped off onto the floor, and hissed, “Get out of here! Whatever you are!"

Nothing moved in the room but she felt the energy, dark and deep, throbbing and growing stronger. From the far corner, in the shadows, near the bathroom door, a pale light broke from the darkness and, as she watched, it grew. The wall of the room dissolved and, through the sudden portal, the dead walked.

Rebecca stared as they came and then leaped back into her bed and quickly pulled the covers up over her head....

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