Monday, March 5, 2012

The Ghost of 22 Captain

This is my story `The Ghost of 22 Captain' published by Pagan Friends Magazine back in November. It's an excellent magazine and I hope you'll enjoy checking out this issue and the more recent ones.

`The Ghost of 22 Captain', although a ghost story, of course, is really about the opportunities we miss with each other through dishonesty. We are all so constantly afraid to look `stupid' we betray ourselves into behaving stupidly and miss some fantastic moments in life which we could have enjoyed and grown from. Even though some who know me suspect the tale is based on a `real life' incident, it is not. I hope you like it. Enjoy.

The site is here:

The story begins:

The return of 22 Captain to his family land elicited an ambiguous response from his dead family. As he reported it, they “showed their teeth” but said nothing. Realizing this gesture could be interpreted as either a blessing or a curse, he set off on his journey home, conscious only of a certain relief at putting some distance between himself and his deranged relatives.

Quite a walk – and he only three feet tall – if that – marching his little leather boots through the forest – under trees fifty or a hundred times his height with the wails and cheers of those who had cared for the earth while they lived bouncing off his wooden ear. His smile was fixed – his thin moustache undampened, and his high blue captain’s hat sat tilted back on his head. He knew the way home. No amount of passing seasons – not even ninety-eight years worth – could cloud his memory. Nor did the changes in the terrain set him off course; he would have known his way should sky scrapers have been reared across the land since his death. He toddled on (he would prefer “marched” but one owes something to verisimilitude) until he broke from the forest and found a paved road. True, he did marvel somewhat at that but no matter – he knew where he was and who he was – and it was time he was getting home.

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