Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Writes for All Magazine and `When There Were Trees'

Writes for All Magazine is, according their site, "an independent publishing company seeking fiction of the highest quality" and I was honored last week when they published my story, `When There Were Trees' (six sentences of which I posted last week). The greater honor, though, was working with the editor, Anthony Cruz, to shape and polish the story prior to publication. I had read other pieces in the magazine before I submitted and I felt that `Trees' stood a good chance of being accepted and, also, that it was in very good shape editorially. It is the strangest sort of phenomenon, however, that we can never really see our own work objectively. Mr. Cruz went through my story three times and, with each pass, the story became tighter and brighter. A sentence which I had thought worked fine I now saw was redundant and a passage which had seemed to deepen the story with detail, I realized, slowed the action.

We're all aware that it's best to have someone else look over our work before submitting it for publication and I certainly had done so with `Trees'. Sometimes, though, even colleagues or friends won't notice those small details which go to make a story really stand up and sing or those lapses which cause a story to sag and fall flat. Sometimes a piece just really needs an experienced, careful editor who will take the time to bring the best out in the story for a reader. Writes for All Magazine has just such an editor in Mr. Anthony Cruz and I wanted to thank him here.

Writes for All is a non-paying market but you will profit greatly from the experience you'll have working with them. Their website is here:

To read the current issue with the complete text of `When There Were Trees' go here:

There are two other excellent stories in the issue and plenty to enjoy. Hope you like it and all the best to you in the writing.

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