Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review of Abby Luby's novel Nuclear Romance

This is a review of the excellent novel `Nuclear Romance' by Abby Luby. The review reads, in part, "Nuclear Romance begins with the death of a little girl while swimming in the Hudson River. The river that she's swimming in happens to be right by a nuclear power plant. Even though no reason can be given for her death, no one at first associates her death with the nuclear power plant. Due to budget cuts and a shorter staff, sports writer Lou Padera is assigned to cover the little girl’s death. The experience haunts him. In the meantime Lou gets a mysterious phone call stating that the power plant is the reason for the little girl’s death and the story suddenly becomes an obsession for Lou."

I read the novel last month and loved it. My own review is here:

It's a book worth reading. You will never think of a nuclear power plant in the same way again - I promise you. Enjoy.

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