Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review of Abby Luby's novel Nuclear Romance. A Great Book.

Abby Luby's novel Nuclear Romance defines the phrase `a haunting book'. The story will stay with you long after you finish it. A gripping story, well told, the novel takes the reader on a journey through a subject which, honestly, most of us would rather not think about: the very real dangers posed by nuclear power plants. Highly recommended. Beautiful prose and engaging characters draw the reader into the story quickly and keep one reading straight through to the end. Here is a brief excerpt:

"The deep pool of water is still. An aqua glow emanates from the bottom, where a jungle of steel racks and metal hardware are submerged like a sunken ship in a remote corner of the sea. Forty feet down and under the weight of thousands of gallons of water, the racks are illuminated by glinty points of light that pierce the water and bounce off long, thin tubular pipes. Inside these brassy vessels are the skeletons of atomic fission, parts that once moved in an unwieldy dance of atoms building to a feverish rhythm, then to a burning heat. Heat that bears an endless energy. Now these submerged bundles of long, thin, gold-colored pipes are filled with used, irradiated fuel, fuel that still holds a raging heat to be slowly cooled in the watery tomb. Somewhere under the pool are layers of bedrock. While solid to the touch, this stratum of the earth’s crust shifts at random, subject to a geological whim every now and then. One early spring day the bedrock layers yielded to a subtle heave and quaked slightly. Hairline cracks developed, sending fractured tendrils along arbitrary paths of least resistance, tiny tunnels that would carry water laced with toxic radioactive isotopes out to the world." - Nuclear Romance by Abby Luby, Armory New Media. Kindle Edition (Kindle Locations 791-800).

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