Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joshua J. Mark
Rebecca Pender has never been to the small, haunted village of Galen's Mills before in her life - or has she? Sent to live with her father in upstate New York, following her parent's divorce, Rebecca can't help feeling she's seen the village before. Her feelings intensify after she visits the ruined mansion on the hill and the, even more, after she meets the strange girl, Clarice, with the faraway accent and the odd mannerisms. Rebecca begins to think she's going crazy as she increasingly remembers events she knows she never lived through. In her determination to discover what's going on in Galen's Mills, and to find out the true identity of Clarice, Rebecca uncovers the mystery of the girl from yesterday.

This is my Young Adult novel coming out soon through Trestle Press in 2012. I'm only reading the first four pages here. Hope you like it. Thanks for checking it out.

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