Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The haunted inn nearby

It's hilarious the number of stories - even from strangers and relative strangers - I've heard concerning this restaurant/inn near where I live. I don't know if they'd appreciate the PR of having their name mentioned so I'll just reference it, for now, as The Haunted Inn. Next time I'm around there I'll ask if I can blog their actual name. Anyone in the area around where I live, I'm sure, will know exactly the place I'm talking about though. So, I've only had this one experience there: I was out walking with Dog (whose actual name is Sophia but she prefers `Dog') on the road near the inn. We were on one of our ruin-exploration walks at this place just down from there. We were coming up the road, mid-morning, and on the front lawn there was this woman who waved to us. Dog perked up with her hackles going and growled. I waved back - and the woman just vanished. Then I got that cold, creepy feeling running all up the back of my neck and the top of my head. There was nothing `spooky' looking about this woman. She looked just like anyone with a body. My favorite stories of the place come from a woman I used to know named Jill who worked there as a waitress. My personal favorite: Jill is in the dining room of the inn, walks into the kitchen to pick up an order, and is asked by the Chef to please bring him something from the pantry. She goes into the pantry where a woman in a state of high anxiety starts screaming at her about the noise, how the place is too loud, and then chases her around the pantry room. Jill runs out and yells, "Who's the crazy bitch in the pantry?" And the Chef says, "Gotta be you, Babe." Of course, there was no other woman in the pantry when the door was opened.

Staff, guests, people who visited guests, a guy who walked his dog on the grounds, all, at one time or another, have told me some strange story about the place. Another Jill story goes like this: She had just started working there, went into the kitchen with a short stack of plates, handed them to a guy who was standing there who looked like a dishwasher and said, "Could you take care of these for me?" and put them in his hands. She turned and heard an enormous crash as the plates all fell to the floor and broke. There was no `dishwasher' standing there and she had to pay for the broken plates. No one else in the kitchen saw anyone standing there but they all believed someone had been. They had all seen their share of similar figures about the place. A guy, John, I ran into once when I was out with Dog, stayed there overnight for a wedding and had someone without a body - but vaguely visible in outline and a little detail - going in and out of his bathroom all night - and this included `ghostly' toilet flushing. Can't imagine what that was about. A guy I talked to who walked his dog there reported two women coming out of the trees who grew fainter and fainter as they came toward him and then just vanished. Lots of stories surround the Haunted Inn but, for me, you just can't beat the Jill stories. Always does make one wonder what the ghosts are up to the rest of the time when they're not scaring the crap out of people.

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