Friday, January 13, 2012

The Ghostly Walker Experience from October 2008

This experience is from 15 October 2008 and is taken directly from the notes I wrote that night which I then sent in an e-mail to a friend. Before the walking sounds started across the lawn there was zero `spooky' feeling to the night and there was a nice, even, energy all around. This is what sparked the panic I felt when the experience went on. Often, though not always, when a spirit is around or about to appear, I feel a fluctuation in energy from high or `normal' to low. With this experience, however, there was nothing. Enjoy...

I was just out back on the deck having last cigarette of the night when I hear someone coming across the lawn, out of the dark, coming from the north side of the property which is in darkness. I had the back light on so I should have seen, in time, a human with a body entering my yard and coming toward me - but there was no one - There WAS, however, the same sound of feet trodding down cold grass on the ground. The sound of the feet came closer and then passed me by and, as they did, I felt colder and a shiver did cartwheels up my spine to lodge at the base of my skull and splinter into spider legs which then ran crazily around the back of my head. I `watched' the invisible entity, still making the sounds in the grass of someone walking, until the invisible human passed onto my neighbor's property to the south of me and continued on. I called out, "Hey! Hey! You someone I know? You have something to say to me?" But the footsteps just continued on until I heard them no more. I think I pretty much chugged the rest of the cigarette and came inside.

I believe that this experience falls under the category of seeing (or in this case hearing) the past. I know there's an `official' name for this sort of experience but I can't remember it now. When I was in San Antonio this one time I was talking to one of the Alamo Rangers early in the morning. I always got to the Alamo before sunrise so I could see the sun hit the cenotaph out front. She told me that she never went into the Alamo anymore after she'd started her shift and checked everything because, one early morning, she'd gone in, walked a ways down the hall, and then heard a sound behind her. Turning, she saw a man, dressed circa 1836, run from the front room to her left across the hall to the room on the right. He seemed to be holding something like a barrel. As the munitions for the Alamo defenders were stored in the left room it seems likely she was seeing an apparition repeating his actions of the siege of 23 February to 6 March 1836. I think this guy walking across my back yard was a similar thing where whoever it was continued walking the path he used to. My house was once part of a farm and the house to my north and south was also part of the property. In physics, you know, there is that phenomenon of Tachyons - energy after-images - and perhaps these sorts of entities are simply Tachyons. Who knows, though.

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