Monday, January 9, 2012

Ghost experience from back in May

Having mentioned yesterday about the weird spiritual trip back in May, I thought you might want an example of what I was talking about. Here you go:

And so we come to yesterday, 18 May, Wednesday. I worked on writing all day and then sent some of the Scotland ghost stories to Kayla and Mia. Around 3:20 I went out with Dog and decided we'd take the `ruin path' since I hadn't been on it since Saturday with Betsy when we'd met the invisible woman Tillie sent to say `hello'. Since I was sure the woods would be haunted by something or other I hoped maybe I'd run into the good energy again and not the invisible giants or the unwelcoming spirits. We got out of the car and headed up the hill. The rain had stopped and it was sunny out and warm and Dog was sniffing and tail-wagging and enjoying life. We walked past the ruin on our left and started down the hill and Dog suddenly jumped where she was standing as though she'd just stepped on something sharp and turned around quickly. I was feeling a sudden, rising panic. Dog gestured with her head like, "Let's go back" but I just stood there staring at her. It was weird, man. It was like I couldn't quite process what was happening. Dog started back up the path, fast, and that shook me out of the stupor and I followed her and, right behind us, was this sound like feet, heavy, in the leaves, directly behind us and gaining and we ran like hell out of there. The feet stopped once we were past the ruin and a little ways down the hill. Notes on this read, "Get chased out of woods by spook with Dog. Scary as hell. Not going back for awhile." Once out of the woods I just walked around the triangle area with Dog while she ate some grass to calm down. I called Betsy at work to tell her about getting chased out of the woods and the weird panic and the foot-falls. It was really bright out now, like a whole other day from the persistent rain of the week, and Dog and I walked around the triangle area for awhile and then came home.

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