Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is the link to my story about Betsy. It was published a few months ago by Pure Inspirational Thoughts.com. I really admired what the editor, Ivee Olivares, was trying to do: create a place where people could read pieces that made them feel better about life. So I sent in `A Pretty Blonde Girl With Bright Blue Eyes' and she liked it. It's a pretty good story. Enjoy...


Above is the link to Ancient History Encyclopedia which I write for. It's a great site. The editor, and creator, Jan Van der Crabben, has really done a fantastic job in making a reliable, and very readable, source for information on ancient history. Check it out. It's a fascinating site, if I do say so myself.


This is my interview for Open Heart Publishing promoting the `Civil Serpents' story.


This is the link to my story `Third Time's The Charm' published by Shadow Fiction last month. I love this story. It's among my favorites and I wouldn't have written it if it hadn't been for this back and forth e-mail conversation I was having with my friend Kayla Carota at the time. I was telling her stories about ghosts and the e-mails wound up inspiring this story. So, Thanks, Kayla!


This link is to the magazine Halfway Down The Stairs which published my story `The Last Chance' this month. They did an interesting edit toward the end of the piece which cut a few hundred words but I still think the story works. Hope you like it.


This link is to the on-line magazine Diddle Dog who published my story `The Artifice of Eternity' a few months ago. It's not the happiest story but I think it tells the truth. Hope you like it.


This is the link to Pagan Friends website. They just published my story `The Ghost of 22 Captain' today. Hope you like it. Enjoy...


The above is the link to vote for my story `Civil Serpents' in the anthology An Honest Lie: Volume 3, coming out later this week. Please feel free to vote for me! Thanks.